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Choose the Jeeto brand for buying Pain Relief Oil, Ayurvedic Pain Relief Balm, Herbal Pain Relief Oil, Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer, Pain Relief Balm and Hand Sanitizers.

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About Our Company

We all know the miraculous benefits of using Ayurvedic Products for treating various ailments. The ancient art and science of Ayurveda that has percolated into our lives today with its many blessings can be considered as the pillar of holistic wellness and healing. Using the unique approach of Ayurveda in pain management and control, we, Shikhar Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical, as our name implies, bring forth a range of pain relief products like Jeeto Pain Relief Balm, Ayurvedic Pain Relief Balm, Herbal Pain Relief Oil, Jeeto Herbal Pain Relief Oil, etc., as a market leading manufacturer. Formulated using precious herbs and traditional pain management recipes, these products target specific pain problems without any side effects. These curative products we provide for ameliorating headaches, sinus pain, joint pain, muscle spasms, lethargy, etc., are sold under the popular brand name Jeeto. In addition to the aforesaid products, we also market non-sticky, gentle and highly effective antibacterial sanitizers like Instant Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottle, etc., which can be safely used by the entire family.

Why Choose Us?

Any company can offer huge discounts on products, but only a few can claim of selling affordable products that also rank high on quality. We are one such company that always work to give our buyers access to superior quality yet marginally priced products. What helps us offer premium quality, cost effective products to buyers are:

  • Streamlined Manufacturing: Our aim is to get low cost products delivered to buyers without any wait time. This does not mean we compromise on our manufacturing ethics. We follow streamlined manufacturing techniques so that from the production floor to clients door, each product is formulated to give great savings to buyers.
  • Stable Sourcing Network: We source authentic raw ingredients from sellers that charge affordable rates. This genuine raw material supplier base we have delivers us the best of ingredients at fair prices, which ultimately helps us prepare affordable Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottle, Jeeto Herbal Pain Relief Oil, Jeeto Pain Relief Balm, etc.

Quality Testing

We check and cross check each raw ingredient used and each product manufactured to assure that all quality needs of clients are well taken care of. Manufactured products are tested for skin friendliness, effectiveness, fragrance, shelf life, etc. Even packaging of each product is confirmed to be of approved standards.